Sunday, October 17, 2010


With all this "awareness" talk this month, I have been rather emotional. When our SB journey began we, like all other families who have traveled our road, felt like our world was crashing down around us. However, just a few hours after the news, I felt an overwhelming need to keep our family, friends, and new found blogger friends updated. I didn't want to answer all the questions. I didn't want the sad looks. I wanted everyone I came in contact with to be as educated as we were becoming about Spina Bifida. I hated repeating myself over and over. 

Now I love to answer the question, "So how is Beckett doing?" I still see the looks on people's faces like they are scared to ask. 
He's doing wonderful!
He's great!
He's adorable!
He's fabulous! 
Beckett is our son who was born with Spina Bifida.
We love that little boy so much, it is indescribable!!!!

I cried (no surprise!) as I looked back at our 20 day stay in the NICU as I made this collage. Although it has only been 3 1/2 months since he was born, it seems like a lifetime ago.

We are so unbelievably blessed and I can't imagine our life without our precious Beckett!


Stephanie said...

Strong emotions, indeed. This little generation of sb babies (and mommas) we have here is going to redefine the face of spina bifida. And I can't wait!!! Hugs!

Joanna (and David) said...

Beautiful Beckett. :) We love you guys SO much and are SO happy to have yet another inspirational example for us as a family. We are all in this together - and that is such a blessing.

The Devilwoman said...

Congratulations on the birth of Beckett! I can't wait to follow along on how you all are doing. I love your pictures and your attitude. Celebrate that beautiful baby! :)