Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Home and Doing Well

It was brought to my attention (thanks for the reminder, Moira!) that I hadn't posted to say Beckett was home. I'm glad people rely on this blog and actually read all this stuff I take the time to write!!!! 

So, we were discharged Sunday around 10 am. We are to watch for normal shunt failure signs (fussy, not eating as usual, fontanel bulging, just not right). Follow up appointment on January 6. The sutures on the 2 incisions on his head are dissolvable. The sutures on his belly will be removed at the appointment in January. He has quite the war wounds now, poor guy! No bouncy seat, exersaucer (which he was just beginning to LOVE), or rough play until we go back in January. We were also told to keep him laying flat as much as possible. This is to allow the ventricles to shrink back to normal size on their own. If they shrink back to fast, this could cause bleeding, which we sure don't want. Sunday and yesterday were kind of nightmarish as far as keeping him flat and CONSTANTLY entertained! I called Dr. Moriarty's office today and Joy gave us the okay to hold him and have him upright. Being flat when he is asleep should be good enough. Thank goodness!!!!! He was wearing me out and I felt like a circus act dancing, singing, shaking every toy imaginable in front of his face. Poor thing felt neglected. When I hold him flat he thinks he needs to go to sleep. Laying on a blanket on the floor to play is fine for about 15 minutes, then he's ready to move on. So...hopefully today and the rest of my Christmas break will be a bit more enjoyable!

So happy to be HOME!

A game of Cooties with Paisley and Daddy.

And a concert by Paisley! Nothing like home and back to normal!

Today is the princess' third birthday. Hard to believe! 
Can't wait to celebrate with our family and friends tonight!!


The McAfee's said...

thanks for the update!! we've been praying for you guys! :)

Cassie said...

Glad to hear that he is doing well. He looks great!! Merry Christmas!

Jill said...

He does look great! And he's sitting up so well! Glad to hear he's doing better and recooping at home. Hope the birthday celebration was fun!