Friday, December 17, 2010

Surgery is Complete!

Dr. Moriarty just came out to tell us that Beckett's shunt "revision" is complete. No issues. He actually completely removed the shunt and replaced the device and tubing. Dr. Moriarty is not the doctor that placed his shunt, an associate at the time did. I THINK he would rather just start over fresh. Interesting and I think I may learn some information about that associate in the coming days.
So, new shunt. New location. It is now in the usual behind the ear location. :))) Yeah for no big bulge on top of his head!! 3 incisions (old shunt site to remove it, new shunt site, and belly for the tubing). Whole half of his head is shaved. :( He is in recovery now. We will see him when he is in his room within the hour. 
SO thankful for an amazing surgeon, medical team, and Kosair Children's Hospital. 
I'll post some pictures and an update later tonight.
Thank you so much for ALL the prayers. Keep them coming for a speedy recovery!

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Joanna said...

Praying for quick healing and no problems with his new shunt friend. :) Here's to a 1 year no-problems shunt anniversary this time next year!